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Beginning in the 2016-2017 academic year, institutions that are interested in understanding the extent to which they are providing the conditions for diverse populations to thrive can sign up to become a participating CECE Survey campus.

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Benefits of Becoming a Participating Institution in the CECE Survey

  • Full access to and utilization of data collected using the CECE Survey on their campus

  • Administration of the CECE Survey to  their students

  • Analysis of the survey data collected from their campus

  • An annual report that is generated by the CECE Project and provides a snapshot of their institutional environments

  • Discounts on CECE digital briefings, professional development seminars, and other professional development services

Survey Administration & Pricing

CECE administration timeline

If you register to have the CECE Survey administered on your campus during the 2016-2017 academic year, you can choose to begin survey dissemination between November 2016 and April 2017. Please note that it takes approximately 3-5 weeks to complete the survey administration, as we typically recommend 1 initial email dissemination and 2-4 weekly email follow-up distributions.

Preparation for the survey dissemination

Once your institution completes registration, we will communicate with you to prepare for survey dissemination. We will work with the primary contact on your campus to collect student contact information and tailor the survey cover letter to your campus. In addition, we recommend that your institution consider using incentives and advertisements to maximize survey participation. Tips for increasing survey participation can be found on the website of our partner survey, the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).


Unless you request an exception, the CECE Project administers the CECE Survey to all students within the participating unit. For example, if your institution registers to have the survey administered to undergraduate students on your campus, we will distribute the survey to all enrolled undergraduate students during the administration year. However, please note that the CECE Survey for undergraduates is slightly different than the CECE Survey for professional and graduate students, and these two surveys require separate administrations and carry separate costs (see tables below for more information).

Registration Fee

Preparing for survey dissemination begins immediately after an institution completes registration. Therefore, you will be required to pay a $300 nonrefundable registration fee for each undergraduate and graduate survey administered on your campus.


The following charts include the pricing structures based on institutional size for the 2016-2017 year (enrollment size refers to the total number of students enrolled according to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Systems). The survey administration fees outlined below cover (1) the CECE Project administering the survey for your campus, (2) your access to the survey data that we collect from your campus, and (3) an annual report that summarizes your students’ perceptions of their campus environment.

CECE Pricing Table
Fee Discounts

CECE offers several discounts for participating institutions. Only one discount can be applied at the time of registration.

  • Multi-Year Package Discount

    If your institution commits to administering the CECE Survey 3 or more times over the next 6 years, it will receive a 20% discount on base administration fees associated with all planned survey administrations. You can select the years that you wish the survey to be administered when you register.

  • Statewide Consortium Discount

    CECE will offer a 15% discount to institutions that are part of a statewide consortium. To receive this discount, all campuses within a state or public state system (e.g., the entire California community college system) must participate in the CECE Survey during the same year. If you request the statewide consortium discount, you will be prompted to identify the statewide consortium to which you belong at the time of registration.

  • CECE Coalition Discount

    If 35% or more of your undergraduate student body receives Pell Grants, you may be eligible for a CECE coalition discount. If a coalition of 3 or more campuses that meet this financial criterion register to administer the CECE Survey during the same year, they will all receive a 25% discount on the base administration fee. If you request the CECE coalition discount, you will be prompted to identify the other institutions that belong to your CECE coalition at the time of registration. Once all 3 or more campuses that belong to your coalition have registered, you will receive the CECE coalition discount.

Survey Packages

You may request a survey package that allows you to add up to 10 customizable survey items to the CECE survey. Depending on the package, you can provide the suggested survey items or have us create the items for you. You can also select packages that include a campus visit from the CECE team, presentation of annual results, and consultation. Please refer to the following chart for the pricing of survey packages. Survey packages can be selected when you register to administer the CECE Survey on your campus.

CECE Packages Pricing Table
Survey Package Discounts

Institutions that participated in the NSSE during the previous administration year will receive a 5% discount on survey package prices. Institutions with over 35% of the undergraduate student body receiving Pell grants according to the Integrated Postsecondary Data System (IPEDS) will receive an additional 10% discount on survey packages.


After registering for the 2016-2017 CECE survey administration, you have until 3pm EST on October 7th, 2016 to cancel participation. You can request cancellation by sending an email to If you request a cancellation, all administration fees will be refunded. However, the $300 registration fee for each undergraduate and graduate survey for which you registered is non-refundable and will pay for time and resources that the CECE Project invested in preparing for the administration of your survey prior to cancellation. Multiple registration fees that are paid when institutions sign up for multi-year packages are non-refundable.

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